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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 1st Poem


I am not a poet, I can’t lock the words in chains of metre or bind them with the laws of rhyme, though sometimes I blog and write for a Magazine. On other day, my feelings forced to me to write but for some strange reasons, I didn’t want to put the words in a prose, though a lot of you would suggest that it would have been a better idea. But I tried; I tried to find a tearful language that translates what I feel........ 


There is perhaps an hour of light left in the sinking sun.

I am waiting to see

The demise of another gloomy day

Days go by though time standstill

Life ain’t moving

Am I still breathing?

My life has been hard to go through.

With the pain,

A pain that grips and lives within one lonely heart.

Pain that consumes my soul with every breath

Yet I still breathe.

All I want to do is cry.

Just once,

I want to cry so hard

After that!

I may never cry again.


  1. Nice Dear .......... Ived Also Shared On My Defence , Clifton , Gizri Group @ Facebook As wEll ......Its The Beginning Dear .... Keep It Up ... Greets