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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's Winter again


Leaves that left the trees,
Already turned brown
On a frosted ground,
The breeze snatches them
Heralding that,
The winter is here again
As season turns,
Things aren’t what they used to be
Endless days getting prolonged,
Freezing nights dragging me along
The cold wind provoking the feeling,
Long asleep
Nostalgic thoughts and wishful dreams,
The unsaid words,
Assemble together in front of my misty face,
I asked in a vague language
Why doesn’t winter let us freeze?
Why doesn’t pain fade?
But my scream echoes,
And dies down in deafening silence
Pain is here to stay,
I like it or not,
It is part of this life
Let it increase and make my soul bleed
Pain is better than nothing at all

1 comment:

  1. This, Zaka, is a fine poem.
    You convey stark, jarring, barren.
    And you're sad.
    You place a chill and emptiness between us,
    Then you scream.
    I hear it.
    The pain may yet end.