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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Of Chaos And Scandalous Times


This has been a chaotic time. From the inside - the weather has always been reluctant to calmness, and the reason of this isn't unknown to me 'cause I don't know what I want with my life. Unwilling to live, not knowing how to die; not having the heart to stay, nor wit enough to run away – but this is what happens when you live with a jumbled up mind and don't sort the things out. 

Yesterday, conversed with a judicious stranger. It was quite odd for an autistic like me who is disinclined to talk with near and dear let alone strangers. 
"Wrong decision is better than indecision", stranger told me as if he knew how flustered my mind is. "You know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road? They get run over.", he left me cogitating. 

Anyway this unusualness is pretty usual to me. Coming back to the weather thing, the outside atmosphere is devoid of tranquillity too. Our political and social affairs have been been marred by repeated crisis. We witness "Gate"(overused and has lost meaning here) on almost daily basis, just too many to my liking, too many to keep track of. Remember Memogate, Mehrangate, Abbatabadgate etc - seem long time ago, don't they? 

Considering the affinity to scandals, I wont be amazed if they call it "Dog-gate" when they get aware of my dog who, nowadays is flirting with the bitch (I mean bitch not bitch, though I've too many of them here too.. lol) next-door. 

Having said that, it is pretty close to business as usual in this part of the world, indeed this is a peculiar world we live in. Our politics is a cut-throat competition, where matters of life and death are also politicised. So, I don't bother to think about the many and pity "Gates". However, I happen to be a journo, so couldn't let temptation to talk of "Mediagate". Thanks to the social media, now in mainstream media, we are having a discussion of corruption in journalism. The malaise which no one dares to point out before. Let's face it, this is an ugly truth and it came out in a very ugly way but it had to - and it will do good to media cause if we didn't sweep "Mediagate" under the rug. 

It was all started with YouTube airing of an off camera discussion between two talk show hosts and a mighty real state tycoon. Now this war of sorts, has pitted news channels against each (wait, this game will turn even more ugly). 

Malik Riaz, a filthy rich who has become talk of the town in the land of pure, sired yet another "Gate" named "Familygate or Arsalangate". In a dysfunctional state, this man Malik Riaz, who has mastered the art of using money to make things happen and he isn't greedy either, willing to share the pie with everyone who wields some kind of power. For some reasons he found himself on the wrong side in the Iftikhar Chaudhry's SC and instinctively he tried to buy his way out but the plan misfired and created the much talked about saga, which later spawned "Mediagate". It seems as if Malik Riaz was going down, he wasn't going down alone. 

In the recent past, media has taken the role of watchdog but Lucman-Mehr-Riaz episode have shaken people's faith in media like nothing else. The glamour of electronic news media has attracted a multitude of "Paratroopers". The lack of professional integrity on the part of these so called journos, has paved the way for manipulated journalism. The fact of matter is that electronic media has been working without a proper code of conduct while the print media which may be lacking glamour but is quite responsible and following the rules of business. 

Journalism simply means to reflect the reality without prejudice or embellishment. The leaked off-air footage and the person behind, has done a great service to journalist fraternity and also made media accountable for the first time. We should not let this opportunity slip as the issue needed a thorough investigation at the level of journalist associations and of the government. It is high time for journos to stand up against the unprofessional practice. Because if we have assumed the watchdog role, how could we spare ourselves? 

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