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Friday, April 11, 2014

Meandering Thoughts Amid A Balmy Evening


The sun was setting in all its splendid beauty but this sumptuous scenery only served to show me my own indifference and desolation as I perched with face hanging down to my knees.

“Is there anything romantic than the sun setting in a gilded sea?,’ mused I as the sun got closer to the hitherto calm ocean water which appeared to have stirred a tad, anticipating the kiss of a big orange fire-ball. Well, you wouldn't know the answer if you were so indifferent to your environ as me, you wouldn't know the answer if only detached ideas and impression from the world of reality shot through your mind.

Often, the time goes by unappreciated, hours evanesce like haze in the sun unobserved - as though a masterpiece of art being left unexhibited. The hustle and bustle of life has truly made us machines, which start and stop at certain times without bothering about their surroundings. We simply do not or even cannot take liberty to note the subtleness in the air and change in the climes. We don't have time to touch the first frost, appreciate the forlorn autumn, watch the sunrise in the freezing winter, glance at the crescent moon amid a warm summer's dusk, or listen to birds' tunes heralding a pleasant spring after a frigid wintertime.

This current of thoughts not only made me feel incredibly ashamed of my attitude, but also rendered me oblivious of the stunning sun which had just set in the darkling sea.
"There is so much beauty in this world," whispered I as the azure sky turned to amber-gray, "And how indifferent I am."
The seagulls' cries were no more distinct from the distant shore and the night's creatures started to emerge as the day's took their rest. Scarcely had the daylight died away, when the stars appeared as if they were waiting for their turn to exhibit their picturesqueness.

"I dun wanna go home right now," I started humming as I lay on my back and gazed into the diamond-scattered sky. A few isolated clouds were lurking as the moonlight gleamed mysteriously, for the moon, too, was trying hard to flaunt its glamour in the nature's scenery. It was one of those unique nights that offer light enough to see a long way.

"I gotta have some perspective on life, coz it's too precious to waste it," my musing was being continued. "And one can't lose, unless one gives up." As the cell phone's notification showed that someone posted something on my wall, and somewhat distracted my train of thought.
" Ah! it's the same dude - always posting inspirational stuff, I ain't interested," thought I. But then I clicked inadvertently and it displayed;
"Our limitations serve, our wounds serve, even our darkness can serve - Rachel Naomi Remen" 

Upon reading, an air of peace and serenity descended upon me as the gentle breeze wafted the sound of waves across the shore.


  1. how can you be anti-social when you have a blog and a twitter account with 17k followers

    1. Well, it's kinda conundrum, maybe anti-social trying to be a little social on social networking, tho my Twitter is more of a one-way traffic, it's like one talking to oneself.