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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Enigma of WHY?

Is life just an endless flow of questions?


There are so many imponderable things in life. As a matter of fact, life in itself can be imponderable at times. Now that sounds like a question, doesn't it? Yes, it does but what is the answer to that? And believe me therein, as the Bard would say, lies the rub. 

I spent a lot of time reflecting what will be explained in the next few lines. But the upshot is that I need some goddamn answers if I like to keep myself in the contours of sanity (well, some would say there’s an ample evidence that I have already trodden deep into the realm of insanity but that’s another argument). 

Ever wondered why there’s so many ‘WHYs’? I’m sure in each of our lives there comes a time where sundry of profound questions cross our path and left us pondering. Let us call them ‘Random questions’, which every now and anon pop up in our head. Let us assume there is a meaning to be taught and understood. 

The first question that I'm going to ask, well, to post it rather because I'm sure none of you have the apt answer or the one satisfies me anyway. 

“What part of life is truly under our control?”

While some of you would be like “Ummmmm” and others reduced to scratch their heads, I have another one that also distresses me considerably.

“If life is so short, then why do we do so many things we don’t like and like so many things we don’t do.”

“What the hell sorta questions are these,” exclaimed one of my pals when asked. “It is just nonsense and all, go ask some goddamn philosophers,” he believes I’m nuts. 

But I gave a serious thought to that philosopher idea, though I stay away from those creatures called philosophers for they are lousy if you want to know the truth. I mean they ain't really lousy but what they usually come up with is mostly beyond my ken.
However, I did venture to ask one who happens to be a philosopher or he thinks he is. 

“You need to learn a thing or two about life, young man,” said he, evincing a look as if I were a kid before a century-year old Greek philo.
“The trick is to ask the right questions,” all he had to say taking something like five minutes to complete the reply. And in-between he screwed his eyes, tried to chew his ballpoint cap and scratched his head a great many times. On the other hand, I writhed to kill the urge not to punch him in the face.
You see! That’s why I don't get closed to philos. All he had to do is to say he doesn't know the goddamn answers. Now what’s the big deal? So many of us don't have a clue about life, but this kind of folks has to fudge just to make us look fools. Although, his notion of ‘Asking the right questions’ begs another question;

“What’s the right question?”

I could have asked it if I could bear his eccentricities but I didn't for two reasons. First, as they say ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and second; I feared if had done so, I would have knocked him out telling him “It’s all about giving the right answers,” but it would have brought me a considerable trouble. Hence, I didn’t just to be on the safe side….

When we sit with aforementioned thoughts running in our head… just as I do, sit staring at the LCD and typing these lines while thinking how many of these thoughts in my head are rational and what part can be categorized as irrational. More importantly, who decides the cusp of rationality? 

For all I know that even rational thoughts sometimes destroy our mind and soul. 

Understanding of life, knowledge, and reality leads us to plethora of questions for which there are no set answers, or such diverging opinions in the guise of answers that just raise more questions.

Had we known some of the answers, it would have done a lot to help us see life from a whole different perspective. We would have learned a great many lessons teaching us things about the world and ourselves. But the fact remains that most of them are left unanswered.

I often ask myself why there are more questions than answers. Then I tell myself perhaps the questions are more important than answers… or maybe there are certain things that we aren't supposed to know, why? Well that’s just another damn question.

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