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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Six-word stories: The Art of Brevity


"For Sale: baby shoes, never used." Ernest Hemingway

I always think people talk too much, sputter too many words, meaningless in most cases. One doesn't need a lot of words to speak his mind, even a story can be told in a few words - in six - to be precise if I allude to the genre Ernest Hemingway ideated. Since then, Six-word story has sort of become a challenge for writers to come up with their own masterpiece. And popular project like "Six Word Memories(2006)" came into being. In today's world social media especially Twitter and Tumblr took this trend to a whole new level. Here, not just writers but almost everyone dabbles, posting their concise creation to show off their ingenuity.

I'm fond of six-word stories as it is such an art to succinctly tell so profound a tale. I have written a few myself not so good as I'm going to share later in this very blog, worth reading nevertheless.

"Virtual world's bestie, strangers in real."

"Epitaph reads, "She died of heartbrokenness."

"Mind is Stygian, dying for spring."

"Whirlpool of thoughts, nothing to say."

"Prisoner of my own dreaded company."

"Selling eyes for ransom of dreams."

"Pain and I are old acquaintance."

"Unwhole souls of a sentimental society."

"Haunting a graveyard of lost memories."

"Dreams brighten. The vanished world returns..."

"Failed life. Attempted suicide. Failed again."

As I said online world is filled with Six-word stories. Bear in mind, these abridged tales do not fall into one particular genre, or tone, their only analogy being their strict adherence to the mandatory word limit. Notwithstanding, you will find them introspective, poignant, amusing and some downright heartrending.
Check out some creative ones on Twitter, Tumble and other platforms.

“Best friends. Circumstances change. Worst enemies.” - Nikita Bhosle 

“Father taken, hero lost. Forever changed.” -Katherine Henson 

“She loved cigarettes… more than life.” —Maxwell 

“Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.” - POTATOCATS 

“Borrowed book. Spilled coffee. Oh Fuck.” - Rachael 

“Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.” - Independent 

“Male?” “It’s an older driver’s license.” - CraboTheBusmaster 

First sentient robot: “Turn me off.” - pockets1 

“The smallest coffins are the heaviest.” - TheWolfOfWalmart 

“One stunt. Stuck in eternal coma.” - Brandon Animo 

“Checking into a hotel to checkout.” - D. Hermanson 

“Photographer’s last photo remembered: Bull headshot.” - Seablood 

“Penniless weirdo. Struck lottery. Overnight genius.” - Evonne 

“Two wives, one funeral, no tears.” - Desrio 

“Buried in a steel casket. Immortal.” - Gen 

“More money, more bitches, more problems.” - Chi Hy 

“She found him hanging, then followed.” - Maxwell 

“Married. Till fatness do us part.” - Eindal 

“Imagined adulthood. Gained adulthood. Lost Imagination.” - Lesayah 

“One night. Three words. Never returned.” - Tori Mallette 

“Lonely man. Artificial intelligence. Lonely machine.” - McDiver 

“Nothing to declare. Much to remember.” -Vain24 

“Match, made in heaven, ignited hell.” - Joel 

“Relationship expires; leaves a bitter aftertaste.” -Natalie Connors 

“We had everything, except for chemistry.” -Karly 

“Masterpiece… Forgotten… Died… Remembered… Celebrated… Worshiped.” - TheGhantalAadmi 

“I love you too,” she lied.” - Grant 

“One bullet. Ten enemies. Kills himself.” - Xia Chen Hao 

“Excessive virtual life brought real hemorrhoids.” - ant 

“Wrote note. Took pills. Now…wait.” - ygraine Rodgers 

“The only mourner, her pet cat.” - Megha 

“Endless stars. Home is there somewhere.” - Kandinah 

“Hole in heart. Inevitable surgically postponed.” - J A Humm 

“Kidney transplant. “Anyone seen my keys?” - Josh C. 

“Virtual Friends, Best Friends. Meet? Awkward!” - Purva Parmar 

“I’ll wait… Waiting… Still waiting… Goodbye.” - Saige 

“Failed suicide attempt. Paralyzed. Suffer life.” - Anonymous 

“Jock. Nerd. Freak. Dancer. Singer. Friends?” - Ali 

“Diamond ring. Perfect wedding. Worst marriage.” - Carl 

“Lost in wilderness, he found himself.” - Daniel 

“Empty highway. Petrol light flickers. Alone.” -James Robertson 

“Congratulations! Boy or Girl?” “I’m overweight…” - Jakub Kopeć 

“First Friend. Then Lover. Lost both.”- Ney 

“Imaginary Castles. Conquered by reality warheads.” - Devendra Surolia 

“Jobless. Homeless. Hopeless. Lifeless. Game over.” - Vallyn Maartinen 

“February 14, 2011: “Table for one.” - Jennifer Sturley 

“No way, I’m the original clone!” - Gary Lu 

“Diagnosed with AIDS. Ex’s hubby doctor.” - Vaibhava 

“The war for peace. No survivors.” - Josh C 

“Two lovers. One parachute. No survivors.” -Ben Matthews 

“Unwanted boy grows into wanted man.” - Nate Christen 

“Doctor said indigestion; obituary said cancer.” - Aria Rainbams 

“Wandering Forever. No Heaven. No Hell.” - Tyler 

“Suicide note marked “return to sender.” - Grant Donohoe 

“Jailed for rape. Gets raped there.” - Rahul A 

“The same sky, but worlds apart.” - Lostspirit46 

“Dreamt we kissed. Alas, alarm clock.” - Lonely 

“Went abroad. Finally feel like home.” - Ant 

“They lived happily ever after. Separately.” - Anonymous 

“He wanted perfection, so stayed single.” - Ken Creemers 

“Successfully stole car. Busted swiping sandwich.” - Carpe Noctem 

“Lived to write. Left suicide note.” - Ellen 

“They held hands like broken glass.” - Callthesedaysprogress 

“Winter came and went, sorrow stayed.” - Bananuhboat 

“Show me the meaning of loneliness.” - Bittermens 

“Let us be little children again.” - Day-eight 

"You're my certain kind of sadness." - Epifidemic 

"Recovery never really ends, does it?" - Anonymous 

“We all have our own movie.” - Pennyslife 

“Born defective, then broken, attempting repair.” - TaNkGirrrl 

“Life's prison makes escape tunnels essential.” - BanjoDan 

“Most likely to succeed shot himself.” - Loveall 

“Dreamt of flying. Crashed into reality.” - Sunit Khot 

“Night of fun. Life of regret.” - Holly J 

“If you’re rich, I am single.” - Wendy 

“Super cheap guitar; no strings attached!” - S. M. Orges 

“Amnesiac awakens: Who am I today?” - Matt S. 

“I’ll quit tomorrow,” then he died.” - D.s. robinette 

“I moved, but my heart stayed.” - Haley 

“Lost in fantasy, found in prison.” - Bri 

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow: ditto.” -Jakub Kopeć 

“Life’s meaning revealed on Twitter unnoticed.” - Matt Black 

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