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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Dream in Which I Die Every Night


As usual I couldn't sleep till the wee hours of morn but when I did, a dream in which I died, woke me up. Since then, I have been awake and contemplating but can't come up with any explanation. In other words, I'm clueless. It's almost 600 hours on the clock and I feel pretty lousy. I'm listening to the tick-tock of the clock and ruminating about my dream.

As my insomnia getting worse, this same recurring dream becoming a sort of nuisance. I used to forget about it within minutes of waking up and go back to sleep but now, with this insomnia, I simply don't have a choice except to thing about it. It's all started ten months before.

At night, I keep having a dream where I am on a makeshift raft without an oar, floating down the middle of a wide, raging river that is rushing me towards a deadly waterfall. I cannot get to the side of the river, and I can't go back upstream. I used to wake up just as I went over the falls. But lately, I go over the falls and sometime hit a rock downstream and drowned, other time, I wash up on the shore dead.

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