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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lost in time


Life is a paradox of dreams and realities. Sometimes things are as clear as crystal, but we choose not to face reality. That’s where the dreams come into play and I am living in the realm of fantasy. It may seem contradictory but I have never lost touch with reality, and yet I am living in the world of memories and dreams. I know that dwelling in my own thoughts will lead me nowhere, and that is a manifest escapism from reality. But ever since I tasted the life of fantasy, realities are no longer enough for me. Hence, my life is hung between dreams and memories. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, the world of dreams may show you things you've never seen and take you to places you've never been, maybe that's why we love it but sometimes I feel it is a world where you're more likely to be lost , a world between shadows dark and light, a world between being and non-being. each door opens into another, sometimes it seems too real for a dream.

In this state of a fearless curiosity, a voice in my head tells me that I have lived long enough to die. But I need some certain circumstances before I can leave. So I bite through the words that I can't say and falls through the feelings, I don't have the words to explain. The moments go too soon when eyes feel fine but it feels like a lifetime when life reveals its bitter face.

I sit and dream that I had died and all I've nothing but memories, memories and dreams. Then it gets complicated, though, it is a place where I find solace but I do wish I were floating and drifting away from it all.