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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Fairy That Never Was...!!!


05:31 AM

“Nothing is as lonely as not sleeping”, tweeted I, as I kept wallowing in the bed. It'd been over 6 hours since I hit the sack. But I had only an hour of sleep and that too - in bits and pieces. However, for my nightmares, that sole hour was enough to kill me once more.

Last night, sleep deserted me like people who run away from a plague-hit town. I’m not an insomniac. Sometimes, I sleep straight up to 14, 15 hours. And yet I experience these sorts of nights when I feel like a man who hasn’t slept in an aeon.


11:58 PM

Burying my head underneath the pillow, I tried to hide from the phone light that kept blinking every now and then.

“Who’s it? I aint gonna reply”, spluttered I. Though, I knew that this restlessness won’t go away unless I read it.

“Hey! Nocturnal being! Catching up for being offline, are you? “, It was DM from another restless-soul - living somewhere in the northern hemisphere.

“Aha, she must have a plethora of thoughts and nothing really lucid to say”, I thought, “this doesn’t warrant a reply anyway”. But I couldn’t resist the temptation for too long and replied:

“Not really, my sleep pattern is sorta messed up, so u get replies from underneath the pillow. Lol”

“*giggles* Is it cosy underneath the pillow?”, she replied back in no time.

“Very *Lol* its kinda my soulmate. Lol”, I typed while meditating that there’s no harm talking to her, because sleep wouldn’t seem coming tonight.

“Whoa! ur pillow is like a soulmate, choose it with care. Lol”, replies were coming thick and fast.

“Tell ya what, ma pillow just whispers that she’s nuts, shut ur fone or else you will go nuts too. LOL”, I threw a teaser.

“*Sheepish smile* Ur pillow must’ve got me”.... reply brought a wry smile to my face. I flung the pillow and went to the bathroom, splashed water on my face. I knew it was futile to go to bed. So, I tramped up to the terrace.


02:35 AM

I love moonless nights and not much fond of starless nights. And don’t ask me for a reason, because I don’t need a reason to do things. It was a starless night. There never is anything enchanting about such nights. Shadows are longer, corners are darker and even a whisper echoes louder.

The wind whispered annoyingly at my face as if mocking me.

“Ahaaa, there’s a star, perhaps a loner”, I thought as I descried a lonely star shining tremulously in the vast sky. I had almost forgotten the ongoing conversation but just couldn’t help texting that:

“The sky is clear but I can see just a solitary star up there as if she too, can’t sleep”, I typed musing that she must have something to say. And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

“Sleep is for those who have a set course. The solitary wanders in the dark. Lighting up once in a while when encountering another wandering spirit”, reply came.

“Wow poetess, didn’t see that one coming, gonna have antoher go, see if I could meet some fairly in dreamland, whom might tell me some stories about wandering stars”, after talking gibberish for 3 hours, we finally found something worthy of wasting a sleepless night for...

“And if you meet this fairy, with her tales of the wandering light. Just sit next to her, hold her hand and then she’ll shine so bright...”

“I’m expecting her to glisten anyway, why do I need to hold her hand then?”

“What lingers of the velvet touch stays forever in you soul and that my dear friend is all one needs to know:)”..

“Na... if she tells me stories with a bright smile, thats enough for me, I wont touch coz I might hurt her, Just lemme go, so I can meet her, u making her wait”...

“If you look her in the eyes a smile will soon appear, but fairies aren’t always fragile for a touch they hold so dear. Go and meet her with smile so bright. Treasure what she gives you”....

“I hope so or else some nightmares with new ways of killing me – will be there for me in any case. Sigh”... my phone battery died as soon as I sent the text.

“Even, machines can’t bear the burden of sleepless nights”, sighed I. 03:19 AM was on the clock. I stayed lying awake on terrace and gazed at the lonely star.

05:31 AM

“Nothing is as lonely as not sleeping”....!

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