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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time scares me!!!


What’s the matter with this thing called Time? Why our lives revolve around it? Don’t you think life has been imprisoned in the tick-tick of the clock?

They say time flies when you are having fun, but in this age time still flies whether we are having fun or not. It seems as if there is never enough time to get everything done and that the situation only gets worse. 

Days go by so fast; can you believe that November entered into its second week? I just can’t get it how quickly the year has passed. Don’t you think that time really needs to take time?

I wish there was no such thing as time and I am not alone who thinks like that, am I?

From speaking to others, I can say that we all feeling that time is passing quicker. So why does time go faster?

Many explanations have been offered but none of them seems satisfactory. And often one gets the philosophical answers that accept the reality, do not dwell on the past and just live in the moment. But that is not easy even we all know life doesn't last forever.

The affect of the Modern media also plays a vital role in shaping our experience of how time passes. 24 hours of Media’s bombardment of events from the past, present and future, creating a sea of information for us to wade through, maybe the media factor adding if not creating this entire phenomenon.

New Year is just around the corner, many would indulge into crazy celebrations. For most of us it would be the time to introspect and start making plans to change ourselves or our life plans. I am not meaning to paint myself as a maverick here, though I think I am. But I never wait for the calendar to click to change stuff and I don’t like to take part in these kinds of celebrations or Birthday parties either, albeit I am not against it. Because this is our life and letting it pass by without appreciating all the elements, are missing out on the real deal. We should celebrate rather than just indulging in nostalgia.

Coming back to the time’s spinning wheel, honestly I have no answers or conclusions to leave you with. Perhaps it's quite common in this spinning world, we don’t or can’t get all the answers. Maybe the questions are more important than answers……

What you think?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it's Winter again


Leaves that left the trees,
Already turned brown
On a frosted ground,
The breeze snatches them
Heralding that,
The winter is here again
As season turns,
Things aren’t what they used to be
Endless days getting prolonged,
Freezing nights dragging me along
The cold wind provoking the feeling,
Long asleep
Nostalgic thoughts and wishful dreams,
The unsaid words,
Assemble together in front of my misty face,
I asked in a vague language
Why doesn’t winter let us freeze?
Why doesn’t pain fade?
But my scream echoes,
And dies down in deafening silence
Pain is here to stay,
I like it or not,
It is part of this life
Let it increase and make my soul bleed
Pain is better than nothing at all