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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Be careful with your online life

By Zaka

With monitoring software running on the social networking and online job sites, data about you and your activities on the internet can easily be tracked. The troubling fact is that nobody can tell what the trackers did or intends to do with user’s data. With 500 million Facebook, over 100 million Twitter and plenty of other’s social networking and jobs related portals users, the future life on the web is about to unleash.

Traditional expectation of personal privacy came into question as it proved that tiny pieces of data are being mashed together to create a digital profile of people in such detail, one never thought imaginable. Because of that, Facebook forced to change the setting in order to keep the user’s personal information private.

As such concerns have spread; the heat has been turned up under long simmering debated about the limit of online privacy. But for now it’s quite evident that only a big scandal to do with misuse of personal information for the issue to explode.

More than anything else, its user’s responsibility to keep them safe by careful of what they posting. The new technologies paint ever finer portraits of individuals based on their online activities, the greatest risk to privacy online for many users is their own ineptitude. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook encourage the sharing of status updates, travel plans and photographs, making it easier inadvertently to wreck a marriage, friendship or jobs. CNN anchor Octavia Nasr was recent famous casualty of 140 words of Twitter, in her tweet Nasr praised the Hezbollah leader Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah and lost the job as her tweet received huge criticisms.

I’m not sure in the 3rd world but certainly in the west, your tweets and posts can and will be held against you in a court of law.

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  1. honestly i'm new to internet and not member of social networking websites, mgr bahi tu tu dra rha he......khud hi tu ne internet pr lagaya tha.....:)