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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Power of silence


Being a quiet person, I believe you can say anything without words. It may sound crazy, but I find the best way to live life, with fewer words. I wish people practice silence more than speech. In this cacophonic world one needs to understand that you did not need to shout to be heard, you can talk without speaking and people can hear you without listening. Have you ever wondered not that why the wise people speak with such a low voice, which could be categorized as a whisper. It’s because an authority lay more in knowledge of the subject rather than in the volume. 

In today’s world many problems merely created by words, the words that shouldn't have been spoken, the words which brought us pain, fades away with times though but leaves the scars behind. The world needs to be changed and the sound of silence can help the cause. It takes a lot to practice love and peace, we all talk about it but didn’t start practicing. Little things do a lot and affect people. When you walking into store or exiting ATM box and you see someone about to go through the door, hold it open, you might not realize it but you make that person’s day. Smile at someone you don’t know, you never know what that person going through but it’ll make him feel better. But when people do wrong to you, let it pass and walk away, trust me it’s harder to walk away than to punch the person in the face. Realize that you’ve the power to be a nice person, because if you try to seek revenge, you’re just as bad as the person who started it. 

I believe that negativity that hate, only makes for a worse future for the entire world, positive people overcome more obstacles and get further in life.

Leroy Brownlow said “There are times when silence has the loudest voice”, yeah I got the language of silence that can be heard.

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