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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poison Thoughts


Thoughts, sometimes are more harmful than a dagger

As they come in a stream

Tearing me apart

And the tears find its way to eyes

You couldn't imagine the emptiness,

of a man whose thoughts burning him like acid

Anger, guilt and regrets Invade me

As if something could have prevented what had happened

In search of perfect punishment for my numerous imperfections

I need an escape

I am afraid to live

Fading like a smoke ring

Nothing stays the same,

Nothing will last

I know I can't hold

These thoughts burning me


It will burn me to ashes


  1. hmm...we all have such thoughts time to time...

    But you have explained it so well....

    Nice post!

  2. i wish I could, there are more, but failed to find words for it... thanks tho