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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sigh of Sadness


Horizon shines in the evening

I am waiting for another time to come

When Sun gets orange

A gentle breeze stirs the fallen leaves to make a hollow sound

Like a violin,

playing haunting melody

My eyes get cloudy  

I breathe a sigh of sadness

There are wounds that just don't heal


there was a time when nothing mattered

There were dreams, once seemed so real

It all seems so long ago now

Things, not flowing well for my dream

The more I push,

the worse the situation becomes

Unexpected barriers are hidden all around

I often make mistakes in confusion

And have little progression

I have tried so hard to keep myself from falling

If I could go back in time

But it won't change anything

'cause People change and dreams get shattered 


there was a time....!


  1. hmmmmmm lovely........
    Ali, Khi

  2. I like the way you articulated your feelings, you are good at what you do.

  3. Man, this is so sad, I dont kow why, but each time i read such texts, i get so emotional.
    This is a very emotional article.