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Monday, September 23, 2013

You have to fall before you can fly...!


In yesteryear, I have learned that while facts may be facts, if you ask enough questions and explore enough options you can find a way around seemingly unchanging situation. But at the moment, however, I seem to have exhausted my options. I need to forget about seeking ways to avoid certain matters and simply accept things as they are.

I used to pride myself on being bold, courageous and able to cope with all of life’s challenges. Yet at the moment I am feeling unusually sentimental - if not emotionally vulnerable. I’ve been thinking about making changes in my way of living or working, or perhaps both. While I have explored various options. No single plan has lasted. I hate to admit my life has been a dircetionless mess. I need time to figure out all the mess in my life that has been created by none other than myslef. I kind of realized that something needed to be recognized. What am I doing? Do I like doing this or like being here? Does this make me happy?
Being under pressure to make decisions is no fun, and if these involve the structure of your life. You have to ensure you do the right things. 

I make mistakes - in fact it won't be wrong to say that it has become a sort of habit. I let the opportunities go and then regret later. They say once in a life time opportunity stares you in the face saying grab it as you running out of time and I will not be there if you act later. And when that happened, you feel like man who realized that he led himself to a dead end. But then hope is that beaconing bird that you see in a hopeless situation. 
Sometimes a crisis becomes a biggest asset. A dead-end street could just be a place to turn around. There's always another day or so they say.

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